Fish Hunter Hai Ba is a new emerging trend of the online fish game in Myanmar and worldwide. This fish game was established in April 2018. It now became one of the most recognized brands in Asia, following the Ocean King arcade game. Get your guns ready and directly shoot at any sea creatures to bring rewards into your pocket. In this brand new HD fish hunting game, you experience the more fantastic light effects and colorful fish characters while earning your money. 

Also, the whole gaming layout is uniquely eye-catching with the beautiful scenery of the deep ocean. Boss creatures, including sea crocodiles, giant crab, and dragonfish, are all available for hunting. Therefore, entering the world of Fish Hunter Hai Ba, you are immersing yourself in the greatest blue and clear ocean world, hunting high-returning fish with fantastic odds, various guns, and big boss creatures. If you want to try Fish Hunter Hai Ba, find this fish game at Live22 and Joker123 Myanmar

Fish Shooting Guns and Amazing Jackpot Events 

Switch your gun into two different options along with another two upgraded forms: Laser Gun and Drill. You can fire off one powerful Laser Beam that can hit everything on its path. By the same token, if you have a lucky day, hit the Drill bullet that penetrates the area and explodes to kill fish within range. Without any doubt, the fish hunter guns are an ideal weapon to win even more cash. In fact, to upgrade your gun, be watchful of the Energy Bar, which is located right next to your weapon. 

Bear in mind that the Energy Bar increases every time you kill each fish. Once it becomes full, touch to upgrade to the more powerful gun. Shoot and find your most incredible fortune with big and powerful guns! Playing Fish Hunter Hai Ba adds a lot of excitement, while the game rewards fish killers with many special events. Killing the boss fish such as giant crab, crocodile, dragon, and octopus is one of the most rewarding moments. 

Moreover, you can win over 500 times with your initial bet. After killing one of the four bosses, you will have a chance to trigger Multiple Fire Event that creates shockwave and hits all fish on the screen. Equally important, there are more events to come. When you hit the Jackpot Crab, you win a random jackpot of Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand prize. For more massive wins, prepare yourself to kill one of these extraordinary sea creatures such as Bomb Crab, Blizzard, WhirlPool, and Chain Lightning.

Fish Game Creatures and Payouts -Orange-Tailed Fish | Odd Payout: 2 -Black and White Fish | Odd Payout: 2 -Green-Headed Fish, chasing purple, orange, and yellow, pink | Odd Payout: 3 -Jelly Fish | Odd Payout: 4 -Black-Spotted Purple Fish | Odd Payout: 5 -Bragging Fish | Odd Payout: 8 -Green Puffer Fish | Odd Payout: 10 -Orange and Yellow Feathered Fish | Odd Payout: 15 -Pink Octopus | Odd Payout: 20 -Orange Thorn Fish | Odd Payout: 25 -Striped Mouth Fish | Odd Payout: 30 -Sharp Mouth and Sail-Fin Fish | Odd Payout: 30 -Purple Batwing Fish | Odd Payout: 35 -Torch Fish | Odd Payout: 40 -Ancient Golden Fish | Odd Payout: 45 -Red-Winged Fish | Odd Payout: 50 -Ancient Tuna | Odd Payout: 80 -Shrimp Fish | Odd Payout: 100 -Purple Orange Muscle Crab | Odd Payout: 150 -Sea Turtle | Odd Payout: 300 -Giant Jellyfish | Odd Payout: 100-500 -Giant Crab | Odd Payout: 100-500 -Sea Crocodile | Odd Payout: 100-500 -Fire Dragon | Odd Payout: 100-500

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