Have you ever played a fish shooting game and won a grand jackpot? Now Gaming World makes it happen! Immerse yourself into the new world of fish hunting game “Hai Ba Jackpot” and get excited with the explosive golden box you are about to open. Significantly, four types of Jackpot offers are right here! Come and become a new owner of massive sparkling gold right now. 

Fish Hunter Hai Ba jackpot gives you a life-changing win. Remarkably, the game was first launched in July 2019. Not long after, it takes the world by storm and becomes the most popular brand across the globe. Meanwhile, hit your luck to make your dream come true. Keep shooting fish and get it all into your pocket! 

Have you ever heard about the Laser gun? Imagine that a whole group of fish can be completely killed and how much cash you will earn after the gunshot! You will be indeed surprised with the Laser power and its high return. Don’t be hesitated to join the amazing fish game at Joker123 Gaming Myanmar right now! 

What’s New in Fish Hunter Hai Ba Jackpot? 

Doubtlessly, you've got everything upgraded from gun machines, special events, and fishing sceneries. The two regular guns transforms into whole new shapes that make shooting even more impressive. Besides, the Energy Bar comes with a different appearance. The fishing themes change frequently and more beautifully. 

In the brand new Fish Hai Ba Jackpot, players win a lucky jackpot of three types: Random, Minor, and Major. By killing the Bomb Crab creature, players trigger the Bomb Event that will explode continuously with a wide range and kill fish in the blast. Players get big prize when kill Blizzard creature, which produces a unique effect and freezes all fish on the screen and ultimately kills them.

Another notable event you are given is when you kill Whirlpool. This feature is perfectly awarding. Furthermore, it creates a whirlpool at the center of the screen pulling all fish of the same type into it and killing them. Now imagine how many fish on the screen, converting into cash! 

Chain Lightning is also a particular type of event that brings you a big win. Killing this creature will randomly kill fish automatically until it runs out. Don't wait and sign up for your account now! Fish Hunter Hai Ba Jackpot is indeed one of the hottest games, offering outstanding gaming features and impressive wins. 

With an extensive range of gun systems, it helps you kill more fish and have a more entertaining experience. Above all, discover your fishing skill and bring your luck, killing targeted fish and remarkable boss creatures. With the highest odd value, you will never want to miss this chance! The more you shoot the fish, the more you win. 

Advantages of Playing Fish Hunter Hai Ba Jackpot Simple Fish-Killing Methods 

Everyone knows that fishing games have the most straightforward game rule and takes seconds to acquire skills and kill fish. The payout formula is no different from the online slot. The payout amount is Win = Bet x Odd. Each sea creature comes with an additional odd value. Killing Boss creatures, players win massive money of up to 100-500 times. Amazing! 

To start killing fish, players must be aware of several valuable functions. Firstly, prepare your gun. Switch into any weapon by clicking left or right on the gun. You can enable the Lock-on button if you want to shoot at fish automatically. Use the Auto Mode button, and guns will systematically fire.

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