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The fish shooting game has been viral in Myanmar for the past three years. It is undoubtedly one of the most played games in online casinos 2021. Hundreds of players love killing fish online and earn easy money on screens. In other words, the fishing game makes the rule simple and easy. Players merely catch fish and get rewards in the deep beautiful ocean. The bigger the fish is to be killed, the higher return you will get. 

Fish betting games enable significant influence on online casinos when the games are finally developed and available online. Players of all ages switch to a casino game with a convenient online style. It is easy to start shooting with beautiful graphics, exciting effects, and endless fun. This game supports iOS, Android systems, and desktop versions to cater to the needs of players. Scroll up and down without encountering errors. 

As mentioned above, there are countless reasons why you should play online fish shooting games. To start with, now discover how to play and win real money online fishing games. 

How to Play Online Fish Shooting Games and How to Get Started Smoothly 

The rules of the fishing game are undoubtedly simple. If you have played this game at the real fishing machines, it would have been easy to start playing it on your mobile phone easily. The difference is when you play online, you must use a bank account to deposit and play with real money. Firstly, you must find an excellent online casino to sign up for your betting account. Then make a deposit and start playing!

If you are new to fish shooting games, discover these essential functions and get it all started: 

1. Lock On 

This function is beneficial and rewarding for players to kill fish automatically without clicking to shoot. Simply aim at your targeted fish, no matter which size. Then your weapon will shoot at the fish automatically. Don't forget to check your bet size per shot before enabling this function. 

2. Bet Size Adjustment: (-) & (+) 

You can decrease or increase your bet amount by clicking (-) or (+) in the gun area. It is essential to set a bet amount before firing off your weapon. 

3. Catch fish 

There are over 20 sea creatures in most fishing game series that players can catch and claim the prize. Each fish has a different odd value ranging from x2 times to x500 times or more depending on which scene you select. The formula is Win = Bet x Odd

4. Switch Weapons 

You usually get two regular gun systems you can switch back and forth. However, once your energy bar next to the weapon is filled up, you can upgrade your gun into the most powerful weapons: Laser and Drill. Fire it off and kill fish in the enormous range! 

How to Win Real Money Online Fish Shooting Games 

Although playing fish hunter games is pretty easy, it must have strategies in mind if you want to play real money and win more. 

1. Enable Lock-on Button 

This is one of the trendiest functions you should enable at the right time. Shooting fish is now easy to operate than ever before, thanks to this auto-gun shooting. Simply click on the lock-on button and aim at the fish you would like to kill. Then the bullets go on until the creature is killed or disappears. 

The function is a great advantage for every fish killer, and it is so specific about the part of the fish as well. Once you aim for the head, the bullets go directly and consistently to the head. More specially, even fish swimming and blocking your targeted fish, the bullets still go through the targeted fish. You can catch the fish no matter how far it is. It saves you a lot of shots and increases the higher chance of winning. 

2. Killing the Boss Creatures 

Killing the Big Boss fish is always the primary goal. The odd value always comes with surprises and exciting payouts. For example, some giant boss creatures explode and kill countless small fish around them. In return, players can earn a lot of unexpected cash. You can always be a master of killing fish in the ocean by playing a free-mode account. Try your best to reach the boss level and get ready when the real money rewards begin.

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