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Are you a slot gambler of Joker123 Gaming? It would be weird if you don’t recognize the Mulan slot. It is well-known among thousands of players in Myanmar. Moreover, the slot comes in a five-reel slot style and massive cash payouts. With the privilege of slot game production, Joker123 Myanmar never disappoints Burmese slot players. The company simply designs the HD-quality online slot machines and creates such an immense jackpot and multipliers payout.

That is why when it comes to slot playing, Burmese gamblers are heading crowd to Joker123 Gaming Myanmar. The online casino specifically leaves such a big brand reputation in Myanmar and Asia. Joker123 Myanmar releases new games every month, and people in Asia really have different tastes in choosing their favorite slots. In fact, Myanmar players have been into Mulan since its release date, and new games like Tropical Crush, Big Game Safari Dynaways, and Feng Huang still cannot defeat this one. Are you eager to know why Mulan game is the most popular slot game within the Joker123 Gaming platform? Let’s check it out!

1. The Fairy Tale Braveness of Mulan Character in the Walt Disney 

PicturesMulan is brave, resistant, and a fierce fighter than any man in her era as a woman. To prevent her sick father from serving in the military, Mulan is brave to risk her life and enroll in the military on behalf of her father. Since women are not allowed to serve in the army, Mulan is forced to disguise herself as a man warrior and join the army.

She uses her intelligence to win over the battle for the nation and has gets promoted since then. Mulan, which once belonged to cartoon entertainment, has been re-made in films with the top actresses in China and gained massive popularity. And now she is in the game to make you win big! Mulan slot machine's design is all about players' victory, and don't forget to join Mulan in Joker123 Myanmar.

2. The Design of Top Characters and Interesting Winning Payouts

The characters in the Mulan slot game are influential and legendary. As entering the gameplay, you will see the golden dragon, which makes you win x5000 times if it appears together in the reel. Furthermore, don't miss out on the Mulan character. Once you get her land on the reel, you win x3200 times of your total bet.

Also, trigger the princess symbol for winning over x2500 times. The luck is today! The win in the Mulan slot is dedicating. You will get paid from the symbol combination from left to right and right to left. How amazing! With the 3 scatter symbols land on the reel, you win at least 15 free spins, and random multipliers are on your way.

3. General Features of Game Screen: 9 Lines

The winning lines are even more awesome. Mulan is a slot of five-reel style. With that saying, the winning line is simple: 9 lines.  Welcome to the most popular five-reel slot machine! Mulan has everything you need, from the grand jackpot to the bottom lines. You are guaranteed to win more frequently while enjoying the wonderful music and stylish theme.

4. Grand Jackpot Offers

Once in a while, you will be unlocking the jackpot prize, categorized into Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. The jackpot randomness appears so frequently, and you get the chance to win one of the four jackpot categories. The amount of each jackpot usually displays on your screen. In addition, Mulan’s grand jackpot is massive and the most popular claim among players in Myanmar. Try the Mulan game, and you will witness it by yourself.


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