If you want to play online free slots and real money games in Myanmar, come to the ultimate slot gaming entertainment, "Live22"! You can now discover our unique slot game collection that promises an entertaining experience and frequent-winning payouts. Live22 delivers top-class designs, highest RTP, and special bonus features. For this reason, we guarantee Live22 Game Myanmar brings you on the journey of endless payouts and excitement! 

1. HOT ANNOUNCEMENT | Live22 Hosts Their Own Slot Games 

Live22 has just announced a bunch of new slot games that you can play for big rewards! Live22 Myanmar offers an exciting collection of brand-new slot games that provides players with alternative non-progressive gameplay. The non-progressive Live22 slots Myanmar include 243 Ways2, 32400 Ways 2, and 60 lines. The most special one is Mask Of Truth Jumboways which comes with 32400 winning ways. A winning combo triggers a stack wild plus cascading reel. Then symbols explode and turn them into wins with the ability to swap them for new symbols falling from above. As a result, more wins appear without spinning another round. 

1 Mask Of Truth Jumboways Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar

With Live22 Game’s intriguing array of brand-new slot games, all players can launch the game and win money from these groundbreaking new features from Live22 non-progressive slot games. In addition, The Mask Of Truth Jumboways, the Live22 Myanmar signature mobile slot game, features a fantastic multiplier function. It will accumulate until the end of free games. The following is the slot game list by Live22 Game Myanmar. 

Game List Hosted By Live22 Gaming Myanmar: Fortune Realm | Crypto Coin | Dragon Treasure | Illuvium | Oni Cosmic Atlas | Classic Diamond x5 | Apes Squad | Mobox | Candy Bomb | Axie Universe | Mask Of Truth Jumboways | MetaSpace | Super Splash Party | Fire Ballon | KingOfSpade | Explosive Fortune | Dragon Ball | Happy Lantern | Lucky Charm | The Third Prince | Mighty Cash Dragon | The Red Empress | Imperial Kingdom | Princess The Evil Witch 

2. NEW FEATURE | Buy Free Games With 100x Your Initial bet 

Before, you could only find this Buy feature from Joker123 Gaming (www.joker123.net). Joker123 Myanmar offers Power Play, where players can use their money to purchase a set of free games by clicking on Power. Live22 finally lets the good news arrive in Yangon City. Now Live22 Myanmar members can activate the Free Games feature with the cost of 100x times their initial bets. The Live22 Buy Free Game feature is a worthwhile addition to your overall gameplay experience. 

Live22 Myanmar adopted this technology in 2023 so that this feature adds more value for their players’ money and brings more fun and excitement during gameplay. The Buy Free Game feature is not as expensive as expected. For example, if your total bet is 25 kyats, then 10 free games cost 2500 kyats. The cost is the same even if you buy the 15 free spins. Each Free Game that you purchase can return combo winnings with random multipliers up to x88 times. 

Here Is The List Of Live22 slots That Allows Players To Buy Free Games/Free Spins: 

Illuvium | Oni Cosmic Atlas | Classic Diamond x5 | Mobox | Apes Squad | Crypto Coin | Axie Universe | Mask Of Truth Jumboways | Candy Bomb 

3. SPIN FOR WINS | Play Live22 Slots With a High Frequency of Winnings 

Live22 Myanmar can capture over 1,000,000 active players because of frequent wins that players can unlock whenever they play with Live22. With less than 10 spins, players are ensured to win some of the remarkable winning combos without any waiting. For this reason, Live22 Myanmar has become an extremely popular and trusted gaming platform around the world due to its high success rate for players combined with large payouts. Therefore, playing with Live22 Myanmar, you're destined to have an unforgettable experience with impressive wins that will keep you excited for hours. 

With every spin of the reels, you can expect a multitude of extraordinary rewards from bonus features, free spins, massive multipliers, wild stacks, and progressive jackpots! You'll be incredibly gratified to find that each spin has the potential to unlock exciting prizes and thrilling ultra-wins! Besides the immense satisfaction of winning big payouts while playing Live22 slots games, you'll also be immersed in aesthetically pleasing visuals and unrivaled gameplay, which make it next-level entertainment. 

4. REAL PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS | Prepare for High Payouts & Progressive Jackpots That Are Hit Daily 

At Live22 Myanmar, you can find various types of progressive slot games that offer high payouts and progressive jackpots. Live22 Myanmar is a promising slot-playing destination that pays out real jackpots on a daily basis. With the massive dynamic jackpots, you will enjoy the thrill of maximizing a payout of up to 200 million kyats, depending on your initial bet. If you maximize your bet, you will have a higher chance of hitting a bigger jackpot payout. Live22 is the key to unlocking hefty winnings and experiencing real progressive jackpot joy. 


Live22 Game DEVELOPERs include Micro Gaming, Playtech, Gaming Soft, NetEnt, and Self-Hosted Games by Live22.   

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Live22 Free Play 

1. Kraken Queen Powered By Gaming Soft: www.live22.com 

Free Play 1 Kraken Queen Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar
Free Play 1 Kraken Queen Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar Game

2. Bonsai of Riches Powered By Gaming Soft: www.live22.com 

Free Play 2 Bonsai of Riches Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar

3. Into The Fay: Misty Powered By Gaming Soft: www.live22.com 

Free Play 3 Into The Fay Misty Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar (1)
Free Play 3 Into The Fay Misty Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar (2)

4. Highway Kings Powered By Playtech: www.live22.com 

Free Play 4 Highway Kings Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar (1)
Free Play 4 Highway Kings Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar (1)

5. KingOfSpade Powered By Live22 Game: www.live22.com 

Free Play 5 KING OF SPADE Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar (1)
Free Play 5 KING OF SPADE Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar

6. Fiery Lady Powered By Gaming Soft: https://bit.ly/3DrkFqh   

Free Play 6 Fiery Lady Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar (1)
Free Play 6 Fiery Lady Slot Game - Live22 Myanmar (1)
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