Some people recognized this game as Monster’s Revenge, the second fish hunting series in the Ocean King arcade games. As one of the oldest fish hunter brands, Ocean King II has a lot to offer its players. Additionally, you can enjoy the best online fishing experience with superior features and the latest technology. The Ocean King 2 is compatible with any devices: PCs, android, iOS, and more. Doubtlessly, you can find this game at Live22, 918kiss, and Mega888 Myanmar

Ocean King II is a sea monster shooting game that has millions of players worldwide. Are you ready to embrace your mission and get the highest odd value? Shoot and catch the bigger fish right now! You can catch incredibly endless fish in the high-quality blue ocean, such as Clown Fish, Lion Fish, Devilfish, Sea Turtle, Killer Whale, Fire Dragon, and Electromagnetic Cannon Crab. With the unlimited deep-sea fishes, players surely get rewards to bring home.

The fish hunter game designs professional fishing gears, powerful fishing events, and incredible easy-to-catch fish characters. Therefore, nothing can stop you from being a master of the deep ocean. The game comes with attractive images and excellent light effects for fun, refreshes, and the best gaming experience. Moreover, you can fight against giant boss creatures to bring home the fantastic Jackpot payout. 

Highlighted Features of the Incredible Fish Shooting Game 

Ocean King 2 offers incredible odd payouts, powerful background music, great sound effects, plus more! Besides, it has higher bonuses and multipliers. Players can access the fishing scenery via any mobile phone because it supports all Android and iOS systems. So join now and play the game at 24 hours anytime! The Big Boss Fish include: 

1. Giant Crocodile The crocodile is a colossal fish creature in the deep ocean. Also, the fish swims and attacks players by damaging their weapons. 

2. The Night Monster The monster is here to make the screen go all dark. Once the ocean darkens, it becomes hard to see and kill any of the other fish. 

3. Overlord Crab The crab is insane! This king crab can also damage his pincers or kill him directly. 

4. Deep Sea Octopus This king monster is gigantic and can fully fit on your screen as well. And to kill this king, players must attack his tentacles. 

Ocean King II: The Mini Games Ocean King 2 brings a surprising Mini Games to your screen. In addition to this, within the main game, you can shoot the game in complete new scenery. Ideally, these mini-games include: 

Chain Thunder 

Chain thunder consists of approximately nine fish species. Surprisingly, it has powerful effects on Lionfish, Spearfish, Flounder, Lobster, Clown Fish, Octopus, Snapper, Butterfly Fish, and Fugu. For this reason, you can easily capture these nine fish species using the chain thunder. You will earn incredible payouts afterward, depending on the number of species of fish you have killed. 

The Bomb Crab 

You are fortunate if you shoot and kill the bomb crab. The bomb will explode in the blast. As a result, players earn unlimited cash within the area of the bomb destruction in the ocean. 

Vortex Fish 

Vortex fish is green and fierce. All the fish species apart from Killer Whales, Devilfish, Shark, Bomb Crabs, and Humpback Whales have the Vortex feature. Equally important, if players select the Vortex feature, the fish of the Vortex feature kill the rest of the fish in the ocean. Players can ultimately earn extra massive cash.

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