Ocean King Company established world-class fishing games worldwide, including Dragon Power (Thunder Dragon), Monster Awaken, and Crab Avengers. Among of which, Monster Awaken is the most well-reputed brand across gaming centers at shopping malls, land-based casinos, and online gambling casinos. The Monster Awaken is also the latest arcade game in the Ocean King’s fish hunting series. 

The game features new spectacular characters and more fabulous gameplay that both beginners and experienced fish hunters are looking for. It was released in 2017 and mainly popular in China, Myanmar and Asian countries. Monster Awaken game allows six players to catch fish at the same time. There are 28 Fish characters in the game. 

You will see impressive creatures such as flying Fish, Butterfly Fish, Lobster, Octopus, Lantern Fish, Sea Turtle, Saw Shark, Devilfish, Jumbo Fish, Imperial Whale, Blazing Dragon, Fire Dragon Turtle, and many more. Noticeably, Monster Awaken, the latest fishing series, offers high-quality 3D graphics, attractive sea themes, and more fish characters. 

How to Win Real Money on Online Ocean King III

If you are looking for the best-featured fish hunting game to play in Myanmar, you've come to the right place! Many Burmese players might have already stepped down several times when they don't get big rewards during gameplay. With the presence of this excellent fish game, you will never feel discouraged. Monster Awaken is not only a game for fun but also real money. Grand massive amount is truly paid out in cash. Here are the impressive Ocean King III tips if you want to win online real money. 

Select Your Online Casino

 When it comes to playing real money online, it is essential to choose the right casino to get it all started smoothly. Sign up for your member account and claim the welcome bonus. Use the bonus to the maximum advantage. The original Monster Awaken is exclusively available at Live22 Myanmar. 

Aim for All Types of Fish

 Don't always be greedy and aim for only big boss fish. All fish comes with rewards, more or less. Never take your bullets for granted, and always make every shot count. Besides, bear in mind that big fish takes time to kill while small fish are killed faster and easier. To take the best chance, players can wait and shoot when fish gather in a large crowd. 

Hit the Head of Fish

This theory is viral and somehow authentic. If you aim for a fishtail, the targeted fish is less likely to get killed or take a longer time to get caught. Be smarter and shoot the fish at the head. Typically, when fish are out separately, they are pretty strong. For this reason, it would be more effective to attack fish when they enter the swarm. Ultimately, prepare your gun and then shoot at the piles of fish in the swarm. 

Only Kill Boss Creatures When You Have Enough Bullets

 It is essential to have sufficient bullets or credits to shoot and kill big fish. Giant Boss creatures mostly require larger bullets to be knocked down. The type of gun also matters. Suppose you have the upgraded gun with the powerful bullet. In that case, you can then target the big fish and enjoy the mouth-watering multipliers. 

Observe the Speed of the Fish Character

 Speed does count! There is a rare chance to knock down one fish if it swims fast. Most people overlook this matter and fail to notice that sized fishes move differently. Small fishes seem to swim at a slow speed. Therefore, it is easier to target and kill them. However, giant boss creatures like octopus, shark, and dragon are merely a different thing. Do not apply this strategy to big fish! 

Avoid Shooting Hidden Fish

Most players end up killing fish hidden behind other creatures without even realizing it. The fish-killing adventure is hot-blood and fast-paced. That is why specific skills and strategies can help enhance winning more prizes. However, practice makes perfect. Most players never miss the target.

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